Weekly Update 10/23/2020

Dear NCHS, Thursday, was our first day since March with having all grade levels in school for full in-person instruction. Students who have chosen to be distance learners may continue to do so. Again, thank you for your support, effort, and commitment to a successful transition. We are excited to be all in together! It […]

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Weekly Update 10/16/2020

Dear NCHS, We were thrilled to welcome our entire senior class to NCHS for full in-person instruction this week. The students were so excited to be back as a senior class. I heard one student say, “I missed you.” A sentiment that we can all sympathize with. Next week – we get to welcome back […]

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Weekly Update 10/09/2020

Dear NCHS, Happy Fall! No filter needed for this shot! We are excited to begin the transition of inviting students back to school for full in-person learning, one grade level at a time, starting with grade 12 on Tuesday, October 13th. As outlined in Dr. Luizzi’s email, we will follow with grade 11 on October […]

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Weekly Update 10/02/2020

Dear NCHS, It is such a pleasure to welcome students, families, and their fur babies to school in the morning. Everyone comes to school enthusiastic and so positive to start the day. And having the opportunity to pet a few of man’s best friends makes my day even better! In the morning announcements today, I […]

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Weekly Update 9/25/2020

Dear NCHS, The recent positive cases of COVID have sparked concern with our NCHS community. I can assure you that families affected have worked closely with our team of nurses, led by Janet Reed. She has done an incredible job with contact tracing and providing the necessary information and guidelines to eliminate the spread of […]

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Weekly Update 9/18/2020

Dear NCHS, New Canaan High School is fortunate to have a campus that can provide outdoor learning areas as extra classroom spaces that play an essential role during social distance learning. As we approach more fall-like weather, please have students dress appropriately. Classes and mask breaks will continue to take place outdoors as much as […]

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Weekly Update 9/11/2020

Dear NCHS, Spring of 2020 has challenged staff and students to find a new normal for learning and connecting us in new ways. Tuesday marked our first official day back with in-person learners and live-streaming. Teachers continued to build relationships and provide a smooth transition back to school with our X and Y cohorts. Through […]

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Weekly Update 9-4-2020

Dear NCHS, We had a successful week welcoming Cohorts X and Y, and we look forward to having our remote learners join us and begin live stream instruction on Tuesday. Our Tech Team is ready to support us, and as with any new technology, we expect there will be challenges, and we will address issues […]

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Weekly Update 6-12-2020

Dear NCHS Family: As the school year comes to a close I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support and perseverance during these very trying times. Our students certainly aren’t the same students that we welcomed into school in the fall. And I’m not just talking about getting a […]

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