Weekly Update 6-12-2020

Dear NCHS Family: As the school year comes to a close I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support and perseverance during these very trying times. Our students certainly aren’t the same students that we welcomed into school in the fall. And I’m not just talking about getting a […]

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Weekly Update 6-5-2020

Dear NCHS Family: The last month of school is typically an exciting time for all. One filled with a lot of anticipation of your next move. For our seniors, it is about moving on to new adventures and looking back fondly at your experience in this community. For the juniors, it is about moving into […]

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Weekly Update 5/29/2020

Dear NCHS, It’s hard to believe we are at the end of May, and distance learning will end in two weeks. I want to take this opportunity to thank STUCO for all of their help during this trying time. Contributing to Spirit Day ideas, participating in daily video announcements, and submitting numerous photos was a […]

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Weekly Update 5/22/2020

Dear NCHS Family, This has certainly been a unique and unprecedented end to our school year. Thanks to the input and cooperation of our students, parents, faculty, and staff, we have developed an excellent plan to celebrate the class of 2020 while following state and local guidelines. To recognize and celebrate our amazing NCHS Class […]

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Weekly Update 5/15/2020

Dear NCHS Family, TO THE RESILIENT CLASS OF 2020: When you walked on campus last fall – a Senior – you had no idea the challenges and disappointments that would come your way.  We agree.  It’s not fair. Tonight, you should have been celebrating at Senior Prom. A very special event where memories are made […]

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Weekly Update 5/08/2020

Dear NCHS Family, The same day the announcement was made that schools would be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year is the same day that this photo was shared with me. My feelings of sadness and disappointment were soon redirected to this happy group of seniors. I couldn’t help but to smile […]

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Weekly Update 5/01/2020

Dear NCHS Family, It’s hard to believe we are in May and in the last quarter of the school year! It is not a secret that what lies ahead of us for the remainder of the school year is still somewhat unknown. We will continue to focus on and celebrate the positive attitudes, work ethic, […]

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Weekly Update 4/24/2020

Dear NCHS Family, Happy Friday and another successful week of E-Learning completed. The picture below is from an art park in Norwalk with pretty cool artwork submitted to us from Ms. Vita during one of her runs. Tonight would have been a special night for our Junior Class as they celebrated at Junior Prom. To […]

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Weekly Update 4/16/2020

Dear NCHS Family, Another week of E-Learning done and I truly miss not being in school. Please know that the admin. team and I are thinking of you, sending positive thoughts and encouragement, and virtual elbow bumps. Below is a photo that Ms. Vita took on one of her runs. I love the message! Please […]

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Dear NCHS Family, We are ending Week 4 of E-Learning. Thank you for the photos, the appreciation, and the helpful feedback. Your positive responses are affirming the truly amazing work our faculty is doing to translate their teaching expertise into effective distance learning. We appreciate you as well for doing your best to carve out […]

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