Weekly Update 3/26/2021

Dear NCHS Family:

Welcome Spring! We had a successful first full week with all grade levels in the building. Teachers and students took advantage of the warm weather this week and held classes outdoors.  Let’s continue to follow the mitigation strategies to keep us all safe, healthy, and in school! 

Please note: Wednesdays will continue to be an early dismissal day (10:30 AM) for April.

NCHS clubs, organizations, and teams have been very busy this year. Being part of a club and organization is a great way to help develop character, skills like commitment, leadership, and effective communication, and being able to work successfully in a group while making new friends.  

The clubs are beginning to meet in person! Below is the Ultimate Club having a great time playing a few rounds of video games together.  The Environmental Club planted several flowers and herbs recently. They are taking turns watering them in the greenhouse, hoping for some flowers by Mother’s Day!

The New Canaan High School Tennis Teams held their fourth annual “Rams for Roots” fundraiser for Norwalk-Stamford Grassroots Tennis and Education on Saturday, March 20, 2021. This was a mixed doubles tennis tournament with NCHS and Grassroots Tennis players. This event raised close to $2500.  One hundred percent of these proceeds will go directly to Grassroots. Grassroots provides year-round academic and tennis programming for over 250 children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.  The Chairs of this event were:  Jordyn Lee (NCHS senior), Ben Graham (NCHS senior), and Lexi McCall (NCHS sophomore).

Photo (top left to right): Jonathan Young, Grassroots Program Coordinator, David Kimani, Grassroots Senior Director – (bottom left to right): Lexi McCall, Jordyn Lee, Ben Graham

NCHS and Grassroots Tennis Players at the event.

NCPS mascots from East, Saxe, South, West, and our own Randy the Ram are ready for the NC Color Drop at Waveny Park. On March 31st, a helicopter will release over 1,000 golf balls over a target at Waveny Park. The golf balls will be numbered individually and the participant whose ball lands closest to the target will be the winner.  100% of proceeds will be donated to need-based college scholarships for NCHS graduates.   Due to covid, no spectators will be allowed, but the event will be live-streamed on Channel 78 at 9:45 am for all residents to watch.   Click here to purchase a golf ball for $25 and a chance to win one of three fantastic prizes.


This week’s deserving recipients are Betsy Gilhuly, Betsy Imbrogno, Linda McGann, Megan Mabee & our fabulous lunch ladies.  If you would like to nominate someone deserving of a bouquet for next week, please complete this Bouquet Request Form.  


Check out Susan Kim’s article for this week’s tip: Spring Cleaning and Organizing! 


The pandemic has had a significant effect on our lives. The challenges it brought can be stressful and overwhelming in adults and children.  We are sharing a list of resources that offer help during difficult times.  

Dial 211 or 1-800-203-1234-  24 hours a day for crisis mental health services and information/referral.  

Kids in Crisis (203) 661-1911 – available 24 hours a day for confidential crisis counseling and advice for youth and families.   

“Talk it Out”   –  a helpline available to provide parents support during stressful times-  1-833-258-5011.  (M-F, 8:00-8:00; S-S 1:00-8:00)

New Canaan Cares – 203-966-7862 is another community resource that offers parents support and access to community resources to strengthen youth and families. 

Domestic Violence Assistance:  1-888-774-2900, Connecticut Safe Connect offers a 24-hour helpline (call or text) and information and referral

Talking About It   A community resource offering monthly podcasts on various topics to reduce stigma around mental health and promote healthy relationships.  

Financial Resources/ Community Information 

Community organizations are available to assist families in need with lunches over the weekends and during the summer.  Please contact your counselor, social worker, or principal if you would like more information.  You can also contact Susan Bliss, Student Support Coordinator, susan.bliss@ncps-k12.org.   

New Canaan Youth and Family Services, 203-594-3081,  are available for financial assistance and information and referral to other community resources.  


3/31 – NC Color Drop – Waveny Park – 9:45 am

4/02 – No School – Good Friday

4/05-4/09 – No School – Spring Break

Mask up, stay safe, be well,

Bill Egan





Having wrapped up the hand tools project, students are now learning the basics of power tools and the various machines we have in the classroom. The first machine project allows the students to create either a push stick, which is a safety tool used with the machines, or a rattle. Both projects require the use of the drill press, band saw, and various power sanders.


While putting the finishing touches on the last few cutting boards and coasters, students have begun planning and modeling their second project. This project will be either a small box/tray that utilizes box joints or a plant stand that uses mortise and tenon joints. For these projects, students will learn how to use a dado stack on the table saw to cut a variety of joints.


Mrs. Sapienza’s Child Development students have prepared virtual preschool lessons that are instructed through Zoom. The lessons are thematically based upon a storybook of their choosing, and the lessons include a craft, a  movement and song activity, and an additional activity of their choosing. 

Ms. Zilly’s Foods & Nutrition classes have been busy making yeast bread over the past two weeks. They made delicious pizza, cinnamon rolls, and pretzels from scratch. We even got a chance to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, making corn beef and shamrock eggs!


Students in Honors Chemistry determined the vapor pressure of different alcohols at different temperatures. 

Students in Honors Geophysical Science drew the mathematical relationships between the sun and earth on different seasons.

In AP Environmental Science, students designed an investigation of particulate matter in their local environments. 


This week, economics students took in some of the spring-feeling air while playing “Chair the Fed” and learning how interest rates and monetary policy used to work before rates were perpetually at near zero. Later in class, Mr. Staff threw paper around the room to simulate the current monetary theory…

Sophomores in World History moved the Urban game online! We traced the complexity and speed of industrialization in Britain through multiple rounds of development, incorporating an understanding of the social and environmental costs as well as impact of the middle class on culture. Industrialization was a major driver for imperialism, the conflicts of which define the 20th century.



Mrs. Sinski’s photography classes are exploring the history of the camera, specifically the camera obscura. Physics and optics are a large part of this conversation, as we pay tribute to the Muslim scientist and mathematician Ibn al-Haytham (Al Hasan), writer of The Book of Optics from the year 1027AD. Students are learning through a virtual Google Arts & Culture class and an Edpuzzle on the history of Photography TED Talk, Illuminating Photography

Check out this animated and live-action Film Short titled 1001 Inventions and the World of Ibn Al Haytham. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmPTTFff44k


French 4 and French 4 honors classes have been working on a very instructive and enlightening unit about immigration and integration. They enjoyed studying it through the movie “Persépolis” which allowed them the opportunity to learn not only about Iranian culture and history but also about its connections to French culture.  

To wrap up this very interesting unit, they did some research about immigration in their area,  made some connections with what they have learned, and presented it to the class.


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