Weekly Update 4/16/2021

Dear NCHS Family,

Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope everyone enjoyed time with family, relaxed, and ready for the school year’s final weeks. We are at the beginning of the last quarter, now is the time to dig deep, stay focused and finish the school year strong.


On April 29th, please join the virtual theater for a first-ever remote Poetry & the Creative Mind: an annual celebration of poetry put on by The Academy of American Poets and hosted by Meryl Streep. This year, the annual gala celebration will welcome tens of thousands of viewers from across the globe. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to hear poems with your friends and loved ones and enjoy the reading together. General audiences may register to attend for free here.


Seniors must hand in their project/internship contracts to the main office. Seniors will not be allowed to go on internships/projects if the form is not received.


The Freshmen STUCO representatives are hosting a school-wide virtual fun run to raise money for Kaleigh’s crew, a charity dedicated to helping children with leukemia. Students will use the “Map My Run” app to track how far they have run or walked. There is a 5 dollar fee to participate, and students are encouraged to be sponsored by family and friends. All proceeds will be donated to Kaleigh’s Krew, and the top 3 runners and walkers will get some great prizes! The deadline to enter is Friday, the 23rd. Please email Ms. Cullen for more details.

FILLING IN THE BLANKS wants you to help us fight childhood hunger! Please join in and run/walk 5K in support of Filling in the Blanks, an organization that is working to fight childhood hunger by providing local children in need with meals on the weekends! They partner with 65 local schools delivering Weekend Meal Bags across Fairfield and Westchester Counties. The need has doubled this year due to the pandemic. Your participation and support will raise valuable funds to help Filling In the Blanks restock their inventory, allowing them to continue to be a critical resource family can count on to keep kids nourished.

Here’s how you can support this effort (and get exercise joining in the fun!)

  • Register for the Unite to Fight 5K via this link


We’re looking forward to having many New Canaan High School participants and even more people sponsoring. Thanks for your support!


It’s officially spring, and that means … spring cleaning!! Matthew Kim, Catherine Burges, and Susan Kim are back with a new tip of the week! Click here for this week’s feature on Spring Cleaning!


4/17 – ACT

5/01 – Drama Festival “Beyond The Mask” – 7:00 pm


Thank you NC Graphics for the School Spirit! Go Rams!



Students in Physics applied their knowledge of the center of gravity to engage in hands-on activities testing their engineering skills.

Students in anatomy and physiology presented case studies on endocrine system pathology.

Students in Biology extracted DNA from fruit.

Students in Geophysical Science designed their experiments to better understand how craters form.


Students in Mrs. Rothschild’s and Mrs. Arastu’s AP Modern course recently completed an extensive project which highlighted the “Decolonization” of regional countries and protectorates. Together with a partner, the students examined the post-colonial era of a single former colony to gain an understanding of the decolonization experience. The project which took over three weeks of preparation resulted in TED talk presentations, given live or filmed. Attached is an example.



Students in Mandarin 5H have been studying the three pillars of Chinese thought- Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism. Chinese Civilization and Culture go back more than 5,000 years and much of their art, literature, architecture, music, and philosophy come from the three pillars. These pillars have also shaped day-to-day life in China. This week the students will be reading “The Journey to the West,” considered one of the four classical novels in Chinese literature. In addition to reading this novel, it is hoped that other aspects of Chinese history will be explored, including Chinese inventions and their contributions to the world.

The following are a few comments from students in level 5H about this upcoming unit:

“This Unit is essential in learning Chinese. You can’t truly understand a language without learning the ideologies behind it. That is why I’m really excited to learn about the three pillars of Chinese thought”. – Kyle S

“I am very excited for this unit and intrigued as there are many things to look forward to! This new unit gives me the chance to explore another country’s ancient philosophies and culture. As someone who has not only been studying Chinese for years but who is also Chinese, this will be a great learning experience! This is the perfect unit for the end of our year now that we all have a strong foundation of mandarin behind us”!

– Camryn Sung

“I am very excited to begin this unit, it seems like a very interesting thing to learn about. I think this unit will shed light on the classical teachings of Chinese culture. So far, each unit we’ve been introduced to has been incredibly informational, and this new unit seems like it would take us a little bit further into the culture we haven’t fully touched upon yet”. – Katie Danaher



Michael Covino is a filmmaker, director, writer, producer, and actor, and a graduate of New Canaan High School. Mike joined NCHS film this week to share his wealth of knowledge and experience in becoming an independent filmmaker. Students watched his short film, “The Climb”, which was later produced into a feature film, released by Sony Pictures and recognized at the Cannes Film Festival. Covino’s career is off and running! Check out his IMDB to learn more about his various projects, roles, and productions by clicking here.

Michael joined us through zoom meetings with students, talking to them directly about his experience in working his way up through various doors in the film industry, providing feedback to students on their current projects, and giving a unique perspective and engaging dialogue that was welcomed and appreciated by our film classes.

Ms. Core’s 2021 AP Art & Design students’ portfolio work is being featured on the TV screens throughout the school.  Each of the 12 student portfolios contains a years’ worth of artwork centered around a sustained investigation, along with a brief artist statement.

The 32nd Annual Drama Festival

Beyond the Mask

Saturday, May 1 at 7:00 pm

Purchase tickets here

The Madrigal Ensemble and Bella Voce Treble Ensemble took a morning walk to Waveny this week to scout out our filming site for our next video performances. Stay tuned for a Choir Department Spring release of songs from all three vocal groups, original compositions, and cover arrangements by many of our student musicians!


Please click here to see what’s new at New Canaan High School Library! The link is also on our webpage at nchslibrary.info.