Weekly Update 4/30/2021

Dear NCHS:

In honor of National Poetry Month, NCHS finished the week with students and staff reading some of their favorite poems during the morning announcements.  Some of the titles included “Sonnet” by Billy Collins,  “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by John Donne, and “Instructions on Not Giving up” by Ada Limón. 

Denis Mulcahy read “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by John Donne.

Alexa Madrid read “Instructions on Not Giving up” by Ada Limón

Earlier this month, Nate Moor won the American Robin Tournament at Yale University, the first in-person chess tournament in Connecticut this year, ahead of an International Grandmaster (https://www.chessct.org/csca/cscamain.php).  The prior week, he tied for second place at the Colonial Open tournament (http://www.colonialopenchess.com/html/standings.html) ahead of an International Master from India.  In doing so, Nate achieved the titles of National Master and Candidates Master from the U.S. and International Chess Federations. Very impressive, Nate. Congratulations!


This week’s recipients for Bouquet Buddies are: Amy Rothschild, Arri Weeks, Kristen Brown, Sarah Gleason, Emily Bacon, Amanda Baghdady, Jenn Sinski,  Rebecca Pavia, Lisa Voll, and Linda McGann. Keep the nominations coming!!!

We were lucky to have  Lt. Duffy Sasser and VJ Belletto come visit us in their fire truck! Oliver Harris, Will Anders, Brandon Blatt, Ismael Sheikh, and Cole Brockhaug enjoyed the experience!


Check out this week’s tip http://nchstips.com/tip-of-the-week/


All had an excellent stretch @WilliamEgan.

A little coffee and “red and black” cookies to help sweeten up a PL Day for faculty and staff! 


5/01 – Drama Festival “Beyond The Mask”  – 7:00 pm 

5/03 – BOE Meeting – 7:00 pm

5/08 – SAT – 7:30 AM



Woodworking 1:

Students are wrapping up their push sticks or animal-shaped rattles and starting to learn how the table saw works. Students will design and make either a set of coasters or a cutting board using the table saw, router table, and power sanders for the next project.

Woodworking 2:

Students are currently in the middle of making either a small plant stand that uses wedged through tenons or a box that utilizes box joints. These projects require students to create plans, rip and crosscut material, resaw, and use a dado stack for various joints.

We’re going green in Ms Zilly’s Design classes this month!!! Students in the Fashion Merchandising & Design course are repurposing old items from their closets, making alterations and embleshing them into fresh new styles. 

The Interior Design students are “upcycling” old furniture to give it new life and purpose. Students are sanding, painting, staining and reupholstering pieces of furniture… Stay tuned to see all our final pieces!


Environmental student building a solar car and adjusting variables to improve efficiency.

Students in AP Environmental performed a plastics lab to understand the durability of different types of plastics and how that affects recyclability.

Students in Honors Geophysical Science calculated the escape velocity of a water balloon to help understand why some planets have atmosphere while others do not.

Students in Physics explored buoyant forces and flotation.

Students in Physics calculated the mass of metal cylinders by finding the volume of the cylinder using a caliper and and using the known density of the metal. 

Students in Environmental Science developed an understanding of radioactive decay using pennies.

Students in Science Research gave presentations on Solar Sails and on EMDrives using primary literature from scientific journals.


Last week, Ms. Browner’s World History II class designed ‘Wanted’ posters for revolutionary leaders of Latin American independence movements. Below are some examples of students working on them.

Civics classes just finished up their Fixing the US Election System project where they investigated some of the issues claimed to be a problem, such as ballot design, Voter ID, who gets to vote, impact of social media, money in politics, K-12 Civic Education, and the Electoral College. They made Flipgrid videos to educate their classmates on the issue, proposed solutions, and then the solution (if any) the group proposed we take. The final piece of the project is writing an individual letter to a national or state representative about one of the issues and what they want the representative to do. Following this project will be a Case Study (from the Harvard Case Study program) looking at the Voting Rights Act and Gerrymandering in North Carolina.

US History classes, working in conjunction with librarians Ms. Luhtala and Ms. Sheehan, are working on the Junior Research Paper. Some classes are focused on connecting the past to the present by analyzing different events from 1968 and considering to what extent they mirror events from 2020.

Also, our students in Advanced Placement World History, US History, European History, US Government, Comparative Government, Economics, and Psychology are all working hard on final preparations for the national exams that begin next week. Best of luck to all in their preparations!


Our NCHS Visual and Performing Arts students are preparing for its NCHS Arts Week.  All events are virtual this year and include our Senior Art Show, Senior Music Showcase, film releases and Music Department performances and compositions!!  

Our NCHS Senior Art /Film students have been finalizing their artwork, writing their artist statements, and photographing their work for “Time to pARTy,” which opens on Monday, May 10th.  Our NCHS Music students have been rehearsing and creating in their classes and are filming and editing their performances for previews from May 11th through May 15th.  Performances and original compositions will include our NCHS Concert Band, NCHS Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra, NCHS Concert Choir, Madrigals, and Bella Voce, and NCHS Music Technology Students.  A schedule of all events will be shared early next week!  

Congratulations to some of our Music Department seniors on wonderful performances at the Senior Showcase filming last night. Stay tuned for the premiere on May 10!


The CT Seal of Biliteracy is a beautiful way to showcase a student’s dedication to studying a second (or third) language.  Suppose a student can reach the Intermediate levels of a language, as measured by the AAPPL or ALIRA assessments. In that case, NCHS will place the CT Seal of BIliteracy on the student’s transcript. Some colleges have acknowledged this accomplishment by giving students credit towards graduation! Here at NCHS, we are just preparing to administer these proficiency-based assessments. We are certain the students are well prepared and cannot wait to celebrate their achievements.