Weekly Update 5/14/2021

Dear NCHS Family,

Our NCHS Visual and Performing Arts students have been busy preparing to showcase NCHS Arts Week. All events are virtual this year and include our Senior Art Show, end-of-year concerts, composition sharing, and Senior Music Showcase!

The Annual Senior Music Showcase is an opportunity for students studying in the NCHS Music Department to share their performance and compositional work with the community outside of concert settings. Please click here for more information and links to exhibits and performances.


Graduation lawn signs have become a tradition at NCHS, and we are excited to announce that they are now available for purchase! Celebrate the seniors and congratulate them on their achievements – purchase your lawn sign today! Signs are $40 and include the stand. The SLOBs will plant the sign on your lawn. To order, please click here.

All proceeds benefit the NCHS Scholarship Foundation.  Please also consider making a donation to the Foundation to help our graduates with their college tuition expenses.  This has been a tough year for so many families – we rely on the community’s support to meet the needs of our deserving students.  Thank you!  Please click here to donate.

NGSS Testing:

The State requires assessments in science for eleventh grade, using the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Assessment Test.  NCHS will administer these assessments to all juniors from 7:30-9:30 AM on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.  While the assessment is untimed, we anticipate most students will complete it within 90 minutes and have set up the schedule accordingly. Any student who does not complete the assessment during this window will pause the test and complete it at a later time. Additional resources regarding Next Generation Science Standards can be found on the state’s website.

Juniors who are full-time Remote Learners will complete the assessment from home and will receive information about taking the assessment the week of May 24, 2021.Following the testing, NCHS will run a 2 Hour Delayed Opening Schedule (see below) for all students, with classes beginning at 9:30 AM. Buses will run at their usual pick-up and drop-off times. Any 9th, 10th, or 12th-grade student who is in the school but not testing should report to the cafeteria so as not to disrupt testing.


This week’s deserving recipients are Sarah Gleason, Jennifer Bojonell, Sean Killelea, Bill Doyle, Veronica Astacio, and April Kish! Congratulations to all!

Business has been blooming, so Bouquest Buddies are blooming!


Check out this week’s tip! http://nchstips.com/tip-of-the-week/


5/17 – BOE Meeting – 7:00 PM

5/18 – Senior Internships begin, NGSS Testing – Delayed Opening for grades 9, 10, 12(students not on internship)

5/21 – Sophomore Program – 9:30 AM – Virtual

5/21 – Junior Prom – Italian Center – 7:00 PM

Have a wonderful weekend!

Bill Egan



Learning happens inside and outside at NCHS!



Students in Chemistry conduct a titration to determine the unknown concentration of an acid.


AP Testing continues this week with hundreds of students sitting for exams in Social Studies courses. Below, students are reviewing for the AP Economics exams with a massive graphapalooza problem set. Dozens of graphs graced our sidewalks earlier this week.


It’s awards season, again for Latin scholars! This year, during Latin Club meetings, current and past Latin students competed in various national competitions and their results were, as always, excellent!

18 students took the National Etymology Exam. Aidan McLauglin (10th grade) and Amanda Vigano (9th grade) got gold medals, Joseph Mc Lauglin (12th grade) got a silver medal, and Elyssa Grogan (12th grade), Andy Liang (11th grade), Gabrielle Streinger (11th grade) and Kevin Zuo (9th grade) got bronze medals.

6 students took the National Latin Vocabulary Exam and Andy Liang(11th grade) got a gold medal and Ankita Kuttichirayil (9th grade) and Yukta Sant(12 grade) got bronze medals.

11 students took the National Mythology Exam and Kira Titova(10th grade) got a silver medal, Alexa Madrid; Matthew Kim (11 th grade) got bronze medals, and Abigayle Bleil(10th grade), Andy Liang(11th grade) and Yukta Sant(12 grade) got bronze medals.

Lastly, 12 students took the National Roman Civilization Exam and Imogen Rawlings (11 th grade) got a gold medal, Sydney Haydu(11 th grade), Yukta Sant(12 grade), and Peter Vigano (12 grade) got silver medals, and Zoey Bennet and Matthew Kim (11 th grade) got silver medals.

Congratulations to all, and a special commendation to Yukta Sant who, having taken the AP Latin course last year is not currently enrolled in the Latin program but, nevertheless, participated in these competitions (“to keep up with my classical studies”), with outstanding results as well.


NCHS senior cellist Noah Dorfsman was selected as a winner of the 2021 Norwalk Youth Symphony Concerto Competition. The competition winners are selected by juried audition. He performed Schelomo Rhapsodie Hébraïque by Ernest Bloch. The work is inspired by King Solomon from the Bible. Congratulations Noah!


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