Weekly Update 5/28/2021

Dear NCHS Family,

Today we had the honor to recognize the accomplishments of over 130 students in the academic disciplines, the arts, athletics, service to the school and the community at the Annual New Canaan High School Virtual Recognition Assembly. Congratulations to all students who received overall achievement awards. These young people have blazed a path for themselves in their years here and have made New Canaan High School the best school and community it could be.  A link to the assembly will be available early next week. 


We are happy to share that the “Front Porch Photography” internship is back! Two of our Senior students Ed Gentner and Connor Webster, are taking photos of Seniors outside of their homes.  Last year, student Pablo Villa developed the idea of “Front Porch Photography” to celebrate the senior class.  We are thrilled that Ed and Connor, who both enjoy taking photos, will continue the new tradition. Thank you to Ed and Connor for keeping the tradition alive! 














Graduation lawn signs have become a tradition at NCHS, and we are excited to announce that they are now available for purchase!  Celebrate the seniors and congratulate them on their achievements – purchase your lawn sign today! The SLOBs will plant the sign on your lawn. Graduates’ signs are $40 and include the stand.  To order, please click here.


A special thank you to Douglas Pippitt, owner of New Canaan Florist, who generously donated flowers to Bouquet Buddies for this week’s deliveries!  Between his and Trader Joe’s donations, many more deserving staff were gifted with bouquets this week – Jessica Santiago Saxe School, Alexis Palazzo-East School, Rachel Hartong, Linda McGann, Lindsey Heron, Mike LeDuc, Janell Wilmott, Suzanne Heckt, Karina Giangos, Peter Stacom, Orly Berkoff and Kathleen Singleton


5/31 – Memorial Day – No School

6/02 – NCHS Film Festival – 5:00 – 8:00 pm

6/03-6/05 – NCHS Spring Musical – Godspell 

6/05 – SAT 


Bill Egan




Woodworking 1:

Students are finishing up either their cutting boards or coaster sets. They were given a set of dimensions and needed to design their projects and select from a variety of hardwoods before cutting, gluing, sanding, and finishing. This project included the mitre saw, table saw, router table, thickness planer, drum sander, and orbital sanders.

Woodworking 2:

Students were given the choice of making either a box that utilized box joints or a plant stand that featured wedged through tenons. Both projects saw students making cuts on the table saw using a dado stack for the various types of joints.

3D Animation:

Students learned how to create a walking animation using a skeletal rig. From here, we are revisiting the robot models they created during the 3rd Quarter and adding in skeletons so they can be animated.

Fashion Merchandising & Design: Students in the Fashion classes have begun working on their final projects; some students are creating iMovie presentations about famous Fashion designers while others are creating their own pieces on the sewing machine. 

Ms. Zilly’s Foods & Nutrition classes have been preparing some delicious dishes as we wrap up the year in the lab. This week students made everything from chicken alfredo to smoothie bowls and ice box cookies!


Students in AP Environmental Science baked cookies using a solar oven. Using only solar radiation, the oven reached over 300°F in only 2 hours! Students enjoyed their homemade vegan cookies baked without fossil fuels or electricity. Delicious and sustainable!

Students in Physics explored sound! Students changed the length of an open pipe to find resonance with a tuning fork and used tuning forks and open pipes to calculate the speed of sound.

Students in Environmental Science happily tear up old worksheets to give them new life as recycled paper! Using the blenders donated by Mrs. Arastu and Mrs. Gerardi, students were able to pulp the paper.  Using dried fall leaves from semester 1 students, we added some color and texture to the paper. Then using wooden blocks from Mr. Summa, we pushed excess water out and allowed the paper to dry thoroughly.

Students performed a bioremediation lab to determine the ideal conditions for yeast to digest a sugar spill. They designed a lab testing different conditions such as temperature and pH.

In Geophysical Science, students created a scaled timeline of the geologic history of earth, complete with mass extinction events. 

Students in AP Environmental Science designed independent research projects, and collected their data. Students will present their findings during final exams. 


Congratulations to all the Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who took AP Exams! 

AP World History classes celebrated the end of the exam period with a much-deserved rest by watching “Lagaan,” a Bollywood movie set in the late 19th century. The plot revolves around a village that defies taxes imposed by the British Raj by challenging them to a game of cricket. Sports rivalry meets love triangle and dancing in the rain, available on Netflix! Check it out! 

In US History classes, students are engaged in building websites to share their evaluation of key political, social, and economic events from modern decades. As students explore events from their respective decades, they are determining how key movements, events, individuals, and innovations caused and impacted change in America. The websites they’re building are looking to create a virtual museum exhibit that mirrors something they might see in the Smithsonian Museum of US History on the defining moment they choose from their decade as the most significant event that shaped the course of US History and continues to impact the US as a nation today. They are being asked to “procure” 4 artifacts and also have a primary source as a part of their exhibit. They’ll also produce a Smithsonian Magazine cover to “promote” their exhibit on their most defining moment of the decade. Below are some samples of student work on the project.


Music Tech Interns Pippa Williams, Courtney O’Connell, Ian Rocha, and Augie Kelliher are hard at work helping in every way they can. Here they are, working with students in Tech I and giving you a sneak peek at the 13th edition of From Lambs to Rams. The album will go live on Soundcloud on June 4.

Purchase Tickets Here! 


Students in Level 4 Honors French are working on a performance task about the environment. They research environmental issues affecting different francophone countries/regions. 

Students in level 2 Honors French studying the vocabulary about health while enjoying a  mask break outside.

The National Latin Exam (NLE) is a test given annually to Latin students across the United States and worldwide. The NLE is not meant to be a competition but rather an opportunity for students to receive reinforcement and recognition for their accomplishments in the classroom. 

Here are the recipients of  awards for this year:

At Level II,  Ankita Kuttichirayil and Cooper Colthup received Gold medals (Summa Cum Laude); 

Catherine Meli, Johnny Konidaris, Thomas Garcia, Carolina Malagoli, and Margot Furman got  Silver medals (Maxima Cum Laude); 

Maisie Koo, Augusto Baldini, Peri Wills, Kevin Zuo, and Amanda Vigano received Bronze medals(Magna Cum Laude) 

Finally, Colin Smith, Andrew Reed, Jack Wolpers, Sahil Teredesai, and Owen Lydon got Honorable Mentions (Cum Laude)

At Level III, Jonathan Yoo,  Praja Tickoo, Aidan McLaughlin, Mark Taubner, Kira Titova, and Abby  Holmstead garnered  Gold medals (Summa Cum Laude)  and   

Kelci  Haley, James Casey,  Abigayle Bleil,  William Tang,  Christopher McLallen,  Ariel Levine,  lsabella Aderholt-Koon, and Michael Remington got Bronze medals(Magna Cum Laude) 

At Level IV, Liang Andy, Imogen Rawlings-Green, Elodie Koo,  Brendan Tiscornia, and  Gabrielle Streinger  got  Gold medals (Summa Cum Laude);  Alexandra Lagaros, Nina Sirois, and Alexander  Hsu  got  Silver (Maxima Cum Laude); Sydney Haydu, Meghan Driscoll, and  Barrett Schmitz got Bronze medals (Magna Cum Laude) and  Sam Funk, Victor Ralev,  Andrew Kalten,  Paige Siegel  and Eve Johansson got Honorable Mentions (Cum Laude)

Last but most importantly, at level V,  Elyssa Grogan received a Gold medal (Summa Cum Laude) (her 6th consecutive one), and Isabella Fernandez got an Honorable Mention (Cum Laude). Because of her performance on the 2021 National Latin Exam,  Elyssa Grogan was eligible to apply for a $2000 National Latin Exam Scholarship for the first time in our school. This is the thirty-eighth year of the National Latin Exam Scholarships, which are awarded to students interested in continuing their study of Latin or Greek at the college level.  Sixteen $2000 scholarships will be awarded this year and announced at The American Classical League Institute in June.


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